New Meaning started in Trondheim in 2000 and developed into an art collective which ended its practice in 2009. Through producing magazines, web-casts, board games, live entertainment events, and workshops etc, New Meaning created a platform for young people, art, and its processes. The collective members and contributors were between 18 and 30 years old, living both in Oslo and Trondheim. New Meaning brought diverse cultural and artistic practices together, where different ways of collaborating, curating, thinking, doing, creating and being were explored. Through this we were enhancing the possibilities of becoming active contributors and creators within the local society we were living in.

Our goals were shaped by the shifting participants backgrounds, interests and their diverse geopolitical views, and the aim was to create spaces where margins and central could be experienced and bridged through socially engaged art practice. New Meaning emerged as a response to the lack of pluralist representation in the Norwegian art scene and in the public sphere such as in the medias.

The founders of the project were Gry O. Ulrichsen and Ebba Moi. Anne Berntsen were collaborator 2001-2004. Engaged art collective members were Hanin N. AL-Khamisi and Jamil Seyed Naser, Mafa Thibault, Rais Neza Boneza, Abdullah Bijan, Lidia Buscaino, Fabian Garcia, Dahir Korane, Arsalan Moghen, Janko Radovanovic, Ketil Søraker, Fatma Eren, Masoome Sobuh, Emine Athene, Fathia Darir, Sara Ghanoum, Aseel Shakfan, Anna Hedberg, Anne Helga Henning, Fatima Mramer, Boshra Megahine, Jamila Elmorabit, Sezen Keskin, Cesar Rollebo, Ronald Sagatun, Ji He Moon, Joakim Faxvaag, Christopher Peroulaki, Shaho Mirwaisy, Miran Omer Abdullah, Zahir Naser Sayed, Xiuqin Chen, Kelley Singh, Anna Carin Hedberg, Balata Nawzat, Tjiya, Vegar Moen, Ian G. Burden, Shukran Yosefzay, Nelda Afriani, Charlotte de Stael, Deshwar Taher Haji, Javad Mesbah, Abdi Rashiid Mohamed Elmi, Valentina Cukic, Sobia Rafaqat Ali